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Best Beginner BMX Bikes [2022 Top Picks]

Best Beginner BMX Bikes

If you’re just starting on a BMX, choosing the best BMX bike can be hard.

Everybody knows that BMX bikes are the coolest. And BMX bikes don’t come cheap.

So buying a good beginner bike is essential if you’re just getting into the sport.

I’ve put together this list of the best bikes for beginners and have included my reviews on each one below! 


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7 of the Best BMX Bikes for Beginners

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike  

Best Overall: Durable and lightweight


  • Hi-tensile steel frame with 20.25-inch top-tube 
  • 170mm one-piece steel cranks 
  • Aluminum U-brake and brake levers
  • 20x 2.3-inch tires with aluminum alloy single wall rims

Mongoose steel fork provides lightweight strength and smooth steering control for Mongoose Legion. The bike also has an adjustable handlebar, so you can adjust it to make the bike more comfortable.

This BMX bike lets you stop faster and more efficiently when needed with the front brake lever. This bike has a freestyle saddle with a lock-on grip and 20-inch alloy wheels for toughness, good visibility, and a comfortable ride.

This bike is ideal for advanced-level BMX riders. But beginners also have absolutely no problem riding this bike through all terrains at top speed.

Elite Stealth BMX Bike

Best Alternative: Powerful and rugged for all levels


  • Hi-tensile steel frame with a steel fork and 20-inch top-tube
  • 1 1/8inch standard unsealed headset
  • 170 mm Chromoly one-piece crankset with unsealed American 19 mm bottom bracket 
  • Linear pull brakes

The Elite Stealth Bike is a powerful and rugged bike suited for BMX riders of all levels. The bike has a 6061 heat-treated frame and fork, which is strong enough to handle countless hours of BMX riding. The bike’s geometry promotes safety and control for stunt use.

Its linear-pull brakes make stopping smooth and easy. The bike has a one-piece crank that is strong enough to handle high speeds.

The Elite 20″ Stealth Bike is also perfect for your kid to use for learning and practicing BMX tricks with or just for riding around the block. Its small size makes it extremely easy for younger kids to ride and control.

Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

Best Value for Money: Most versatile


  • Aluminum frame with 24-inch wheels
  • 175mm 2-piece alloy cranks 
  • Rigid suspension type
  • Aluminum linear-pull brake

The Mongoose Title Elite BMX is one of the most versatile BMX bikes on the market. With its aluminum frame and rigid suspension, this model can handle any terrain you throw at it. The 24″ wheels and aluminum rims make for a smooth ride.

The linear-pull brakes are easy to control and stop on a dime so that you can do just about anything with this bike. In addition to the aluminum rims, this bike has sealed cartridge bearings in both the headset and bottom bracket for maximum durability on rough terrain.

Overall, this is a BMX capable of handling tricks, racing on the track, or just messing around in the driveway. Designed for those with experience, the Title Elite 24 is still an ideal bike for beginners due to its ease of use and durability.

Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike

Best Single-Speed: Sleek and reliable


  • Aluminum frame with tubular crankset
  • Rigid suspension type
  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • Rear caliper brake
  • 20-inch wheels with aluminum rims

This BMX is very well made. Its frame is made with aluminum which makes it stronger and lighter than other BMX bicycles out there. I love the sleek design of this bike and its color, too.

The brakes are powerful, so even if you have a lot of weight on the bicycle (like myself), stopping is not that hard to do. It is a single-speed bike, so no hassle with changing gears.

I like the handlebar grips made with soft foam that allows comfy riding even after long hours. You can easily ride this bicycle for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.

Schwinn Sting Pro BMX bike is ideal for you to experience the best quality in a beginner BMX bicycle.

Mongoose Title Pro BMX Bike

Best Premium Option: Responsive and lightweight aluminum


  • Tectonic T1 aluminum frame with internal cable routing
  • 170mm three-piece tubular Chromoly cranks
  • 20-inch tires with aluminum double-wall rims
  • Aluminum linear-pull brakes

The Mongoose Title Pro BMX Race Bike is a beast of a bicycle. This bike was built with a lightweight aluminum frame. This makes maneuvering around obstacles much easier while you’re out riding!

The stem is designed to be adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about it being too long or short for your body type. The handlebars are comfortable yet sturdy enough to absorb some serious shock. So you don’t have to worry when you are thrown off your setup in midair during an intense race.

As for the brakes, they are reliable and responsive, which is a definite plus. Plus, the design on them makes it easy to stop quickly when you need to do so!

The Mongoose Title Pro BMX Bike is an excellent choice for any rider who wants to have some fun while also improving their skills!

Huffy Axilus BMX Bike

Best Budget Option: Strong with solid performance


  • 20×1.95-inch tires with aluminum alloy single-wall rims
  • Steel frame and fork 
  • 3 piece crankset with 44T chainring
  • Rear linear-pull brake

The Huffy Axilus BMX is a good bike for beginners and experienced riders alike. It has a steel frame and fork, which make it very strong.

It has a stunning design that is both attractive and eye-catching. The 20-inch tires make it perfect for an adult, yet the bike is small enough to be used by young children as well. The bike is available in different colors, so you can choose the one that suits your style best.

It also comes with a lightweight alloy crank and pedals, which keep the bike lightweight. The linear-pull brakes give you better control over the bike.

Diamondback Nitrus BMX Bike

Best in Durability: Durable, simple, and reliable


  • Hi-tensile steel frame and fork
  • Single-speed
  • Linear pull rear brakes

The all-new Diamondback Nitrus Youth BMX Bike feels incredible to ride. It features a steel frame built tough for long life. Plus, its single-speed drivetrain is intuitive. It’s simple and reliable.

Moreover, the Diamondback Nitrus is built with a durable steel fork that can take a beating. You can also rely on its linear-pull brakes for better stopping power. Plus, the large BMX platform pedals for stability are extra!

With a single speed, you don’t have to learn how to shift gears. It’s ideal for beginners because the Nitrus keeps things simple with its spring saddle, rubber grips, and an affordable price.

What to Look for When Buying a BMX Bike?


If you’re just starting on BMX, I recommend an alloy frame (the cheaper, the better). When you start building up experience and doing tricks consistently, you can look at upgrading to a carbon fiber frame later on! This will ensure that any accidents and crashes don’t cause too much damage to your bike.

You can also consider steel frame bikes. Although these are slightly heavier, they are less expensive and more durable.

Frame Size

The smaller your bike is, the easier it will be to learn tricks and become a stronger rider. The downside is that if you buy a too-small BMX bike, you won’t grow into it! It’s important not to get stuck in an intermediate stage between being a noobie and becoming a pro. Because you’ll soon feel frustrated with your bike as it just isn’t flexible enough for what you want to do.

A good rule of thumb is to choose the smallest size that you can comfortably ride for the frame size.

TypeRider HeightBike Frame Size
Micro Mini4’0” and under (122cm or less)15” to 16”
Mini4’0” to 4’6” (122cm to 142cm)16” to 17”
Junior4’4” to 4’10” (137cm to 149cm)17” to 18’5”
Expert4’8” to 5’4” (147cm to 163cm)18’5” to 19’5”
Pro5’4” to 5’10” (163cm to 181cm)20” to 20.5”
Pro XL or XXL5’10” and over (181cm and over)20’5” and over

Wheel Size 

When shopping around for a beginner BMX bike, it’s essential to make sure that you get one with 20-inch wheels. Any smaller wheel size will be too difficult and frustrating to learn. Imagine trying to ride a 16-inch wheel bike! It would be horrible to learn on.

For adults, the best wheel size is usually 22-inch. Although this may be better to learn, a beginner should start with 20-inch wheels so they can grow into it.

Gear ratio

If you’re just starting, I’d recommend going with a slightly lower gearing ratio, so it’s not too difficult for you to pedal. If your bike has a higher gearing ratio, you’ll find yourself unable to ride up steep hills and might be put off from riding altogether!

Brake System

Caliper brakes are the most affordable brake for BMX bikes. They’re easy to maintain, so that you can fix them yourself with minimal hassle!

Linear pull brakes are also decent, but they aren’t relatively cheap or reliable compared to caliper brakes. Most BMXers need the pure stopping power, so they prefer linear-pull brakes, which offer the ultimate grip.

Freestylers are more interested in control than grippyness. They would rather have U-brakes front and rear to allow them to stop on a dime when needed.


The Mongoose Legion is an excellent bike for riders looking to take on any terrain without worrying about the durability of their ride. The frame material makes this a rugged and sturdy bicycle that won’t break or bend so quickly while still providing a smooth and comfortable performance during each use.

Have a fun ride!

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