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Bike Essentials 2022 (Must-Have Gears and Accessories)

Interested in starting to do biking but doesn’t know where to start? Don’t worry because we are here for you.

Biking or cycling is still increasing in popularity during the past few years because of its numerous health benefits such as improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening of bones, increasing flexibility of muscles and joints, and at the same time burning unwanted fats and calories.

Biking is improving people’s well-being, and at the same time, it is also fun! Cycling also reduces stress levels and improves your mental and emotional health.

Here is the list of bike essentials that you need to have a comfortable, safe, and undeniably enjoyable biking experience!


Let’s start with the bike. Obviously, how will you start biking without a bike, right? Start thinking or researching about what kind of bike you want. You have to consider many things, but we could also help you with that. If you wish to get an affordable bike, you might find one that you fancy from our list.


No matter your reason for wanting to start biking, safety should still always be a top priority! We don’t know when and where bicycle accidents happen.

So be prepared by having a helmet (whether it’s a road bike helmet or a BMX helmet) to protect your brain and head, which is a delicate part of your body, is crucial. You don’t want a higher chance of a severe head injury, right? 

Another important thing about wearing a helmet is choosing the correct size. So choose something that fits properly without being uncomfortably tight or loose.

Bike Multi-Tool

Bringing a multi-tool with you during a bike ride can save you a lot of time, effort, and patience.

If a problem occurred on your bike during the ride, you can quickly fix it with the right tool you brought. No one wants to walk back to the car together with a broken bike, right? 

A multi-tool usually includes hex or Torx wrenches, flathead, and Philips screwdrivers. This will help you quickly adjust different bolts and screws on your bike. 

Tire Levers

Flat tires! It must be a common but also an unexpected problem in a day of a biker. You can even expect it from the best commuter bike tires.

Why not save time and just quickly repair it in a few minutes? With the correct tool, you can make your life easier by removing and installing tires for your bike. So don’t forget to always bring with you your levers, especially when planning to do a very long ride.  

Spare Tube and a Pump

Again, a flat tire! You don’t know when you’re going to experience a puncture that could lead to a flat tire, so it is always better to be ready.

A patch kit may already do the work if your tire only had a small puncture but replacing your tube would still be easier even if it has a small or large hole.

Especially if you are in the middle of a long ride and you are stuck on the side of the road on a hot and sunny afternoon, pulling out the old tube and replacing it with your spare tube would be a better choice.

Also, bring with you a pump or CO2 to quickly put air in your tire.

Lighting System

A good lighting system from headlight to tail light is a significant factor to assure your and other people’s safety in cycling throughout the day or night.

These will help you have a better view of your roadway and at the same time be able to be seen by other vehicles, especially if you are planning to ride it at a time when it is dark.  

Bike Lock

Who knows who and when your cherished bicycle would be stolen. A bike lock cannot only reduce your worries by making you feel relaxed that your cherished bicycle is secured but also actually prevent a future problem by keeping your bicycle together with your investments secured and safe.

So toss that future problem away by owning a bike lock. 

Water Bottle and Cage

Biking or cycling is a tiring physical activity, so you definitely need to stay hydrated. Always bring a water bottle with you, and with this, you will also need a water bottle cage.

Choosing the right cage for your water bottle is essential to avoid unnecessary distractions leading to accidents.

It would be best if you got a cage that would hold your water bottle firmly in place. It should also give you easy access to your water bottle to make your life easier.

Energy Bar

Fuel yourself during your intense cycling workout by bringing with you an energy bar, especially if you are planning to have a long ride. Proper energy bars during intense training helps you get your energy back and enables you to fire up again to continue your ride. 

Seat Bag 

You already have all the stuff, accessories, and gear you need to start your cycling adventure.

But where should you store all of it? Seat bag can be a great help.

You can easily store all of your stuff without necessarily taking too much space or bulkiness. To avoid forgetting about them, pack everything you need during a bike ride in your seat bag.

Cycling clothes, Eyewear, and Gloves

Wearing proper clothes when cycling makes a massive difference for you to have a comfortable and enjoyable bike ride and at the same time helps to avoid some unexpected injuries.

Cyclists often wear jerseys and shorts, which are close-fitting because of aerodynamics. When there is less air resistance, it will also help you go faster and further with less effort. 

Eyewear or cycling glasses can also help you have a more comfortable ride by protecting your eyes from the wind and other debris. 

Gloves can help absorb sweat, improve grip, cushion your hands from road vibrations, and protect your hands in a crash.

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