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best BMX freestyle bike

Best BMX Freestyle Bikes in 2022: Which Bike Should You Get?

The best BMX freestyle bikes are hard to find and even harder to buy. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming.

We all know that buying a new bike is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a biker, but which model should you get? How do you know what models are good or bad? Which brands are reliable? What about hidden costs like shipping fees or assembly costs? 

It’s tough to tell which brand has the best value for your money.

That’s where we come in! We’ve done all the research for you! Here’s our list of the top BMX freestyle bikes in 2022.

I hope this article helps!


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9 Best BMX Freestyle Bikes

Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike 

Best Overall: Outstanding performance


  • Hi-Ten steel frame with 170 mm cranks and 20.25″ top tube
  • 20″ x 2.3″ tires 
  • Aluminum U-brake and brake levers 
  • Rigid suspension type

Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX bike comes with removable brake mounts and a Hi-Ten steel frame. This gives outstanding performance in freestyle biking for your rides in the street and parks. 

It also comes with adjustable handlebars and an aluminum U-brake. The handlebars are super lightweight and durable, plus they offer 360 degrees spins for tricks or easy maneuverability when you need it most.

The Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX is highly customizable, so you can personalize your ride according to how it feels during each use. You can easily remove or swap out different bike components, allowing you to create a personalized BMX ride that is exactly what you’re looking for in terms of performance and style.

The bike is also equipped with 20” x 23mm tires which allow riders to move over different surfaces like dirt and pavement without the risk of losing control or grip. The BMX freestyle tires are also made with a solid rubber compound for excellent grip on various surfaces. So you don’t have to worry about losing traction or control during use, no matter what type of terrain you encounter.

This bike is best known as the BMX bike that has anti-tangle brake mounts. 

Revere Brave BMX Bicycle

Best Alternative: Easy maneuverability and lightweight


  • Aluminum frame and fork
  • Hand brake and coaster foot brake
  • Single-speed
  • Rear saddle handle
  • 20″ wheels

The Revere Brave BMX bicycle features a frame and fork made of aluminum, which makes it extremely strong and durable for tricks or stunts in the dirt park. It also has a superb finish, which is very stylish. 

This BMX has a hand brake and coaster foot brake, which is rare for BMX bikes. Most BMX bikes don’t have rear handlebars, but this BMX bike has one. So it’s perfect for beginners or children because they can easily transition from coaster-style bikes. Plus, the single-speed simplifies this bicycle’s design even more!

What we love about this bike are its oil slick finish and stylish chainguard. It looks fantastic and unique! Plus, it’s also lightweight and very easy to carry around. The BMX has 20-inch fluorescent wheels that provide excellent safety in competitions or when riding at night due to its reflective sidewalls.

Overall, this BMX freestyle bike is the perfect choice for kids who are just starting.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike 

Best Value for Money: Lightweight yet durable


  • Hi-Ten steel frame with 170mm cranks
  • Single-speed
  • Rear suspension type
  • Rear U-brake
  • 360 degrees handlebar spins

The Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike is known for its aluminum mag wheels. The wheels are lightweight yet very durable to every terrain you can encounter. You can also easily adjust the seat height for your best riding experience.

The bike is super lightweight, which is perfect if you’re looking to do tricks in parks or school campuses. The tires are made with a solid rubber compound with an excellent grip on various surfaces like dirt and pavement, and you’ll have no problem transitioning from one surface to another. 

The bike is also equipped with a front-end steel fork that absorbs impact from cracks and bumps, allowing you to maintain control as you ride over various surfaces. The Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike weighs only about 22 pounds, so it’s easy for any teen rider to carry around.

This BMX freestyle bike is also best for beginners and kids due to its high performance and durability. It’s easy enough to use even if you’re just starting, but it can withstand quite a bit of abuse from more advanced riders as well.

Overall, it is a high-end bike that offers incredible performance. It has been designed specifically for professional riders. It features a U brake style on the rear part, offering reliable stopping capacity without sacrificing safety with its two pairs of axle pegs which help you maintain balance.

Mongoose L100 Freestyle BMX Bike 

Best Premium Option: Full Chromoly frame with outstanding performance


  • 4130 Chromoly steel frame tubes, fork, and handlebars
  • 175mm 2-piece tubular Chromoly cranks
  • Rigid suspension type with pivotal seat and post
  • Aluminum rear U-brake style
  • 20″x2.4″ wheels with double wall aluminum rims

The Mongoose L100 Freestyle BMX bike features a freestyle rotor, and this permits you to a 360-degree handlebar rotation without being tangled. This BMX bike also has no suspension that gives you better control when performing BMX tricks.

This BMX bike is designed in a way that it gives your legs enough space to move while doing BMX trick riding because of its high-quality frame and fork, which are both made from Chromoly steel material.

Moreover, it has a rear U brake that provider an easier and quicker stopping. Its 2.4″ tires with double wall alloy rims also are way stronger and have a good amount of grip and friction.

This Mongoose L100 Freestyle BMX is perfect if you want BMX freestyle bikes that are genuinely BMX trick riding-friendly.

Tony Hawk Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike 

Best Budget Option: Quality components with solid performance


  • 20″-24″ wheels with 48 spoke wheels
  • Rigid suspension type 
  • Front and rear pegs
  • Front and rear caliper brakes

This BMX freestyle bike is known for its quality components, such as the solid steel frame, 48 spoke wheels, and graphics that make it stand out from the rest.

This bike also features a customized grip for a more comfortable ride. It also has graphics and designs that make your bike unique. 

The front and rear pegs are reliable in maintaining the bike’s balance while performing tricks. Also, you can do swivels easily and quickly. The front and rear caliper brakes make instant speed control possible. 

The Tony Hawk Jargon BMX bike has a solid steel frame and fork with a rigid suspension to support your tricks without compromising your riding experience. This also reduces the vibrations you feel when riding this bike for longer periods.

The BMX bike is ideal for trick riding and racing as you can control the speed easily with its brakes while maintaining your balance with pegs. This bike is excellent for you if you are looking for a bike to practice your tricks. 

Hiland Freestyle BMX 

Most safe: Double brake mechanism


  • Hi-Ten steel frame with 20.5 inch top tube 
  • 20″ wheels
  • Rigid suspension type with double U-brake style
  • 360 degrees rotor with 4 pegs

Hiland Freestyle BMX comes with a 360-degree rotor that turns the handlebar without any glitch. It also comes with a robust Hi-Ten steel frame, which is very sturdy.

In addition, the BMX bicycle has 20” x 23mm tires that can support you in every BMX race, freestyle trick, or slow-motion ride. The BMX rims are made with an alloy that is lightweight but durable for your BMX riding experience.

The Hiland Freestyle BMX Bike is one of the safest BMX bikes so far since it has a double brake mechanism that gives excellent stopping power and control. You can control the speed with ease or bring the bike to a stop as soon as possible.

This BMX also has additional four pegs to give you a good balance during your rides. This bike is perfect for those BMX riders who are into BMX tricks or slow-motion riding.

Razor Freestyle BMX Bike 

Best in Durability: Tough Hi-Ten steel frame


  • Strong Hi-Ten steel frame 
  • Rear/Front suspension type 
  • Front-wheel pegs
  • Front & Rear Hand Brakes
  • 20″ wheels

The Razor freestyle bike comes with a tough and durable Hi-Ten steel frame and fork. It is very sturdy, making it ideal for carrying weight up to 220 lbs with easy maneuverability through tight turns.

This bike has a quick-release seat clamp. So it is easier for you to adjust the height of your bike seat. It also has twenty-inch alloy wheels that can support your BMX trick riding experience. And at the same time, it is lightweight for easy maneuverability on different surfaces.

This BMX bike is equipped with front and rear suspension for a smooth riding experience. It has practical front and rear hand brakes for instant control.

The Razor Freestyle BMX Bike is perfect for beginners learning how to ride BMX bikes because of its weight. Its ideal size makes it suitable to use as both BMX freestyle bikes or BMX racing bikes.

Redline Romp BMX 

Best for Tricks: With top-load system


  • Made of hi-Ten steel frame with 20” top tube
  • Rigid (no suspension) 
  • Rear U brake
  • 20″x2.25″ wheels

Redline Romp BMX bike comes with a High tension steel frame and fork. The frame is strong and can withstand a high amount of tension. 

It also has a rear U brake that allows for quick and easy halting. It is also equipped with BMX platform pedals that are great for BMX trick riding. You can also put your regular footwear on this BMX bike as the pedal has a wide opening, and it does not require toe clips or straps to keep you in place while riding it.

In addition, it has a top-load system and bars to help you raise your bikes off the ground. This greatly helps you do your tricks, such as backflips and barspins.

This Redline Romp is a good choice for beginners who want to try their hand in BMX trick riding but do not have enough experience yet because of the ease of use it offers.

Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX 

Best for All Ages: Great speed management with durable parts


  • Hi-Ten steel fork and frame
  • 20″ wheels with rear suspension type 
  • Single-speed
  • Linear-pull brakes

Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX bike utilizes a Hi-Ten steel fork and steel frame. It also uses a single-speed system that provides better speed management.

It is perfect for BMX beginner riders. You can practice BMX tricks without compromising quality and safety while using this BMX bike because of its high-quality and durable components.

This bike is also great for BMX racing events as it has linear-pull brakes. This allows you to control your bike and makes it stop faster whenever you need to.

Plus, the bike has an impressive wheelset that is excellent even in rocky and bouncy landings. It also comes with an efficient pedal mechanism for more accessible biking.

The 20″ wheels with rear suspension feature make it easy to perform BMX tricks because of the wider wheelbase and more balanced weight distribution. It has standard BMX platform pedals, which allow you to wear your regular shoes while riding.

The Diamondback Youth Nitrus BMX bike is perfect for kids and could also be suitable for adults, whether beginners or intermediate-level bikers. 

What to Look for When Buying a BMX Freestyle Bike


Pegs are metal plugs that go in each wheel to make your bike easier to do tricks and flips with. Depending on the design, you have BMX with pegs on only one side of your wheel (for single peg grinds) and two sides (using double peg grinds). Or all four if you are spinning 360 degrees around each foot in both directions with no hands called a ‘four-peg.’

Pegs provide additional pivot points to manipulate your bike, depending on the trick you want to do. If your main focus is taking trips down a skate park or dirt track and making some stylistic BMX moves like grinding, then yes—you’ll need some pegs!

When you buy a BMX bike, the pegs will likely be attached. However, if not, don’t worry–you can always attach them yourself and have your very own set!

Frame Material

BMX bikes are not the best bicycles for long-distance traveling, and they’re best used to do tricks in skate parks and dirt tracks. Since the frame holds all of the bike’s parts together, it is best to make it out of solid material.

Hi-Tens steel and Chromoly are two of the most common frame materials for freestyle bikes. Both Hi-Ten steel and Chromo are sturdy, lightweight frames that allow riders to do tricks like Superman or Hulk.

The top-of-the-range material for BMX frames is Chromoly. Both types of material are cheaper than carbon fiber ones. The Chromoly is lighter, but Hi-Tens steel is heavier. It’s stronger than Hi-Ten steel, making it a good choice for tricks because the frame will be easier to move around. If you’re serious about freestyle BMX, investing in an entirely Chromoly frame bike would make sense.

Wheels and Tires

If you are tall, a BMX bike with larger wheels might be more suitable for your height. While standard sizes include 20 inches in diameter, bikes used by people 6’2” or over typically have 22 to 24-inch wheels instead.

If you want to do some dirt riding, check the grips and width of your tire. The wider and grippier they are, the better off-road performance you will have with them. They may lose a bit of speed compared to regular road tires, but those bikes aren’t typically going for that kind of high speed anyway!


Before deciding the BMX bike you want, you must consider where you’re going to use it, whether on parks, rugged terrains, or roads. 

The Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle is the best overall BMX bike in our list. This is because of its outstanding performance in freestyle biking. Plus, it has an excellent stopping mechanism with an anti-tangle brake cable system.

Have a fun ride!

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