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how to measure inseam for bike

How to Measure Inseam for Bike?

What are the first few things you do when buying a bike? Most people would answer setting a budget, researching the different bike types, and figuring out what size frame you need. However, one of the most overlooked details when it comes to buying a bike is properly measuring your inseam.

What Is Your Inseam?

Inseam is what we call the distance from your crotch to the ground. It’s important, especially when it comes to bike buying because it determines the size of the frame you need and how comfortable you are on the bike. Incorrect frame size can leave you feeling uncomfortable or even cause injuries! 

Why Not Use Your Height Instead?

Many people think measuring their height is the same as measuring their inseam, but it’s not! Your height will only tell you a little about your leg length or the size of bike frame you need.

Many people would buy a bike while considering their height. But remember that people’s geometries can vary. Some have shorter legs, while others have longer legs. There are people with longer torsos, while some have shorter torsos. 

There is also no standard size for bike frames. A 24-inch frame, for example, maybe too big or too small for someone depending on their inseam length. This is why measuring your inseam is the best way to determine what size frame you need.

How to Measure Inseam for Bike?

how to measure inseam for bike

Measuring your inseam for bikes isn’t as complicated as it seems. You might know what your inseam measurements are when buying pants. But know that this differs from the same inseam measurement you need when buying a bike. The following guide can help you measure your inseam and buy the right bike for your size.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Hardcover book
  • Marker

Step 1: Remove Your Footwear

If you are wearing shoes or slippers, take them off. Since you will be measuring your inseam, you want to get accurate measurements without the added height of your footwear. You can keep your socks, though.

Step 2: Find a Sturdy Wall

Stand against a wall and ensure your feet are around 30 cm apart. Place the hardcover book between your legs at hip level, ensuring that the spine touches your crotch. Use a marker to draw a line at either end of the book’s spine.

Step 3: Measure Inseam

To begin, align the end of your tape measure with the line you drew on the wall. Stretch the tape measure downwards and measure from that line to the floor. This will tell you your inseam measurements.

Step 4: Record Inseam Measurement

Write down your inseam measurement and compare it to the bike size chart. You can usually find this on the bike’s product page or the manufacturer’s website. Depending on the type of bike you’re buying, frame sizes may differ, so make sure to check first before buying a bike.

Measuring a Kid’s Inseam

If you’re measuring your kid and they can’t hold still enough to get a good measurement, you can also measure their inseam while sitting. Make sure to place the book between their legs at hip level, and the spine should touch their crotch. Then measure from the book to the floor and record your measurements. 

To accurately measure inseam, begin by pulling up their pants or jeans to the waistband. Then quickly calculate the distance from the hem of their trouser to the ground. Once they take off those trousers, determine their inside seam length and add this number with the ‘hem to ground’ measurement for a total inseam calculation.

Comparing Inseam With Bike Measurements

Now that you have your inseam measurements compare them with the bike size chart to determine which frame size is right for you. Generally, the bike frame size is written as small, medium, or large. You can also find exact measurements for each bike frame size and compare them with your inseam measurements to get a better idea.

Other Factors That Determine the Right Bike Size

Apart from your inseam measurements, there are other factors you should consider when buying a bike. Your height, arm length, and shoulder width will also determine your right frame size. You should also consider where and how you will be riding your bike since different types of bikes have their own frame sizes.

Trying Out Your Bike Before Buying

After knowing what size frame is right for you, it’s best to test it before buying. This will help you determine if the bike fits you properly and is comfortable. Consider asking questions or raising concerns to the bike shop attendant. They can offer you detailed information and advice on what bike is right for your size and usage. 

After picking a bike size, take it for a spin and see how it feels. You should be able to adjust the saddle height and reach the handlebars comfortably. With a comfortable bike that fits you, you can enjoy every ride and explore the outdoors with ease.

Final Thoughts

Knowing your inseam measurements make it easier to find the right bike for yourself without hassle. So take out your tape measure, find a wall and measure your inseam. After that, compare it to the bike size chart, and you’re good to go.

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