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best way to hang a bike in the garage

Best Way to Hang a Bike in the Garage

Storing your bicycles can be a bit of a challenge. However, you can’t simply let your babies ride off into the sunset! Not only is it important to keep them safe and secure, but you also want to avoid having your garage or outside space looking cluttered up with bikes all the time.

Fortunately, a few creative and practical solutions exist for storing your bikes in your garage. The most common one is by using a bicycle floor rack. 

Floor racks are an easy, neat, and affordable way to store your bikes. These give you easy access to your bike, take up very little space, and are available in many sizes to fit any number of bikes. Whether you opt for a simple wall or ceiling-mounted rack or something more elaborate like a freestanding bike stand, these are great options for keeping your bikes neat and tidy. 

However, not everyone has extra space on their garage floor to accommodate a floor rack. If this is the case for you, other alternatives are available to hang your bike in an organized way.

Wall-mounted Hooks

If you don’t have the space or budget for a floor rack, wall-mounted hooks are another great way to store your bikes. These come in various styles and materials, making it possible to find the perfect one for your storage needs.

These hooks are easy to install, and you can use them to hang your bikes off the floor, freeing up valuable space. They also come with locking mechanisms to secure and protect your bikes.

Steadyrack Bike Rack

Designed with a unique vertical, pivoting design, the Steadyrack Bike Rack is a space-saving solution for bike storage. This rack features adjustable arms that can fit most, even heavy mountain bikes, while still providing a secure hold. It can hold one bike at a time and is mountable to the wall or ceiling.

Elfa Bike Hooks

Elfa bike hooks are special hooks designed to hang your bikes on walls or doors, eliminating the need for floor racks. These are strong, durable, very affordable, and easy to install. They also come in different colors and sizes.

Gladiator GearTrack Bike Pack Wall Mount

This wall-mounted system can accommodate up to four bikes. It’s perfect for keeping your bikes organized and out of the way. This kit includes two adjustable and lockable bike hooks and a wall-mounted storage tray for easy storage.

Overhead Lift System

An overhead lift system uses a pulley mechanism to lift the bikes off the floor and onto the ceiling, freeing up valuable space on the ground below.

These systems are fairly easy to install. They also come with different features, such as adjustable heights, locking mechanisms, and the ability to store multiple bikes. So, if you want to get your bikes off the ground, an overhead lift system might be just what you need.

Delta Bike Lift Pulley System

The Delta bike lift pulley system is budget-friendly. This system is easy to install and comes with adjustable heights. It can also store up a single bike, making it a great option for those with a limited budget and plans on storing one bike in their garage.

Saris Cycle Glide Ceiling Bike Rack

To get the best of both worlds, consider investing in a Saris Cycle Glide ceiling bike rack. This storage system offers a wall-mounted hook and an overhead lift system in one. It can store up to 4 bikes and has adjustable heights. The locking mechanism also ensures that your bikes are safe and secure when stored away.

Stashed Storage SpaceRail

The Stashed Storage SpaceRail is a wall-mounted rail system that can store up to 12 bicycles at once! It features adjustable heights and a durable finish that will protect your bikes from scratches and dings. It also has the option to add a locking system for extra security. For a family of bikers, this can be the perfect storage solution.

DIY Bike Shelf

If you are handy and don’t mind getting creative, why not build your own bike shelf? You can easily construct a sturdy wooden shelf that will keep your bikes organized and out of the way and add a unique touch to your garage. With some elbow grease and basic tools, you can finish the project in a few hours for very little cost.

How To Make a DIY Bike Shelf

1. Gather the materials you need: wood, screws, drill and saw. 

2. Measure your space and cut the pieces of wood to fit.

3. Drill holes in the wood and assemble them into a shelf shape.

4. Fasten the pieces together with screws.

5. Add a few hooks to the shelf so you can hang your bikes.

6. Give it a few coats of paint if you like.

7. Mount the shelf to the wall, and you’re done!

Final Thoughts

No matter which bike storage solution you choose, the most important thing is that it fits your space and meets your needs. Whether it’s a wall-mounted hook or a pulley system, there’s something for everyone. So, take some time to explore the options and find the perfect storage solution for your bikes!

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