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Best Road Bike Upgrades to Make for 2022

The best time to plan for upgrades is before you need them, which means now! The best way to get the most out of your bike is by making sure it’s in top condition.

Whether you’re road biking for fun or commuting to work, road bike upgrades can help take your performance and enjoyment up a notch! If you want the best road bikes on the market in 2022, start planning for these road-ready upgrades today.

GPS Bike Computer

A GPS computer is one of the best road bike upgrades for 2022. These road-ready computers will show you everything happening with your bike in real-time. The best road bikes come equipped with these computers, but it’s never too late to install if yours doesn’t have one! If

A handlebar mount will make sure your GPS device stays in place while you’re riding, and it won’t decrease performance or functionality at all! You’ll be able to track speed, distance, pace, and elevation gain/loss with ease.

This is a must if you want to increase your overall performance on the road.

bike computer

Smoother Carbon Wheels

Carbon wheels are your best bet if you’re looking for road bike upgrades that will stay with the times.

Carbon wheels are smoother than the average wheel and are less likely to cause a flat. The material itself is lightweight, which will help you go faster with less effort!

Plus, carbon road wheels are more durable than standard aluminum, so they can take on bad weather or rough terrain without an issue.

Most riders report that carbon wheels give them a smoother ride. This is especially true on rough roads or dirt paths!

road bike under $500

New Saddle

If the one on your road bike is uncomfortable, it’s time to get rid of that and replace it with something better! You can find saddles in whatever shape or size fits you best – just make sure they’re comfortable when riding and easy to clean after each ride.

If you ride for endurance, you may want to consider a road saddle with cut-outs. This saddle is an excellent option for long rides as it prevents saddle sores and pain from being in the same position for too long. These saddles are also great if your sit bones aren’t that wide.

If you prefer to ride faster, then a saddle with protruding nose will help increase your speed, so you go farther without discomfort getting in the way!

bike saddle bag

New Set of Tires

Another road bike upgrade you can make is a new set of tires. The road bike tires that came with your roadster might be worn, or they might just not fit the road conditions in your area.

New road bike tires are more affordable than ever before, so you don’t have to spend a lot on them! These upgrades will give you better traction and control over slippery roads and keep the tire from wearing out as quickly.

road bike under 2000


Upgrading road bike pedals is one of the road bike upgrades that can give you a huge boost in performance.

You’ll be able to pedal more efficiently and even get an extra edge during races! Plus, pedals are easy road bike upgrades to install, so doing this at home won’t take long or cost too much money either.

For example, salt road bike pedals are popular road-ready upgrades that can help you keep your feet in place on bumpy roads. These road pedals also grip better, so they won’t slip off as easily when it’s raining or if there is ice near the road!

clipless pedal

Handlebar Gel or Tape

A gel is a good choice for anyone who wants upgrades that are easy on the hands but still provide grip when riding. It’s perfect if you’re looking for upgrades to protect against slipping!

Tape is another great option for handlebar upgrades. Mountain bikers often use this type of grip tape, and it provides a ton of traction even when wet or muddy! If you’re looking for handlebar upgrades that will keep you safe on the road, this is a good choice.

A road tape provides extra padding that is easy to clean. Just make sure you choose a color and type of road-ready upgrade that fits the roadster’s style in question!

road bike handlebar

Bike Lights

A new set of lights can give you extra peace of mind in the dark. Road bike lights are essential road-ready upgrades if you’re riding in darker conditions. These can keep your roadster visible, and they’ll also protect riders.

You’ll be able to see better and avoid road obstacles or pedestrians that might come your way when riding at night! Get a light that is bright enough for the conditions so you and other road users can be seen. There are different road bike upgrades available depending on what kind of lights you want – bike lights for your front tire, back tire, or both!

road bike night light

Brake and Gear Cables

Brakes and cables can get worn down over time. If your road bike has seen better days, it might be time to replace them.

It’s important to replace them from time to time, so you don’t have any issues when riding or risk a crash because of malfunctioning! It takes some trial and error before finding out what brakes and gear cables work best. But it’s worth figuring out so you can get them replaced as needed.

road bike gears


Riders who travel long distances or ride for endurance should consider new derailleurs and shifters after some time.

If road bike performance is a must, then you’ll love new derailleurs and shifters! Replacing these parts is time-consuming, but the road bike performance improvements are well worth it!

road bike groupset

Top Tips When Upgrading Your Bike

Clean your bike regularly

If you want the best possible performance out of your bike, it’s important to take care and maintenance seriously. Otherwise, an upgrade can quickly turn into another tatty component that is looked down upon by others compared to their professionally-maintained bikes!

For best cleaning results, use a road bike-specific cleaning kit. This will help you get into the nooks and crannies where dirt builds up over time!

Use the right pressure for your tires.

Road bike upgrades can make road bike tires effective for road conditions, but the wrong pressure could mean an accident.

The recommended PSI for a normal road tire is between 90 and 120 PSI. If you’re not sure what the right road bike tire pressure is for your road bike, check with a local mechanic.

Regularly check your bike’s brakes.

Brake pads degrade over time, so it is important to regularly check their condition and replace them when necessary.

If the brake pads are worn below 50%, they should be replaced as soon as possible for optimum safety while riding. You don’t want to find yourself in a dangerous situation where your brakes fail, and you don’t have any control over road conditions or other traffic!

Riders who travel long distances or ride for endurance should consider new derailleurs and shifters after some time.

Regularly lube your chain.

Doing this keeps things running smoothly, and it also extends the life of your chain.

Of course, this is a pretty straightforward road bike upgrade – but you can save yourself money in the long run if you lube up regularly! Wear from cycling on rough roads or improperly lubed chains could cause additional issues with your gear shifting and derailleurs if neglected for too long.


Road bike upgrades are great for riders who want to get the most out of their investment. Depending on its age, you can clean your bike and change up tires or brake pads and lube chains! But what if you’re not sure where to start?

That’s why we’ve provided some top tips when upgrading your bike that will help keep things running smoothly while extending the life of your investments. Maintain well your roadster – it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Which road bike upgrade have you done recently?

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