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5 Best Gravel Bikes Under $1000 (2022 Reviews with Complete Buying Guide)

Living in a place with rugged terrains or buffed gravel roads could be a hassle if you are riding a typical road bike.

Choosing a gravel bike over other types of road bikes under $1000 is definitely a good idea with its qualities that are incomparable with other bikes.

To further help you decide which gravel bike to buy, below are the five best gravel bikes under 1000 dollars that are available in the market today.

With out review, you could check each bike’s uniqueness aside from its operative features.

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5 of the Best Gravel Bikes

Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

Best Overall: Lightweight and versatile


  • 700 cm wheel size with Tommaso Corsa TC30 aero rims with bladed spokes
  • 3×8 Shimano Claris group set with Claris R2000 shifters
  • Shimano Claris brake calipers
  • 22. 7 lbs
  • aluminum frame with premium carbon fork

The Tommaso Forcella is built for those who are looking to experience the vibration-reducing weight savings of a premium carbon fork. This is the main difference between the Tommaso Imola and its slightly better and more aero wheels.

Aside from being a fantastic lightweight, this is also a good bike for all types of riders in all conditions. It is perfect for varying terrain, from flats to hills that offer a wide range of gears, from riding on the city roads to going uphill in the countryside. 

If you are looking for easy to use and friendly bike for beginners, this would be a great choice. This comes in different sizes where you could choose what perfectly fits you.

Schwinn Volare Road Bike

Best for Speed: Fast and smooth


  • 14 speeds with integrated shifter/brakes with Shimano derailleurs
  • 28-inch wheel
  • 29.5 lbs
  • Schwinn aluminum frame

The Schwinn Volare is a fast and lightweight road bike that would make you enjoy riding on it while on your way to work or running some errands. This is excellent for beginners and commuters who want to go ahead and skip the traffic jam on the highway.

The larger-than-usual Schwinn road tires keep things fast and smooth. In addition, the double alloy rims keep the bike durable and enjoyable. So pedal away and enjoy a safe, speedy, and comfortable ride.

With the matte purple and red as choices of color, any woman would love to ride on this chic and sporty bike while having a speedy ride on the road.

The only upgrade you may need is tire replacement after riding hundreds of miles. If you are looking for a comfortable bike to use and smooth to ride at speed, this bike won’t let you down. 

Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum

Best Value for Money: Affordable and durable


  • 24 speeds with Shimano Claris R2000 shifters/brakes
  • Tommaso Corsa TC20 rims with 700 cc wheels
  • 6061 aluminum frame and SST steel fork
  • Weight: 23.8 lbs

This bike is suitable for fitness, commuting, and general cycling. 

It is an excellent bike made by the Tommaso company in Italy, where cycling is a lifestyle. Even though cyclists designed it for cyclists, it will never go wrong for beginners. 

There is also no need to spend more because Tommaso is a brand that gives value like no other brand.

Plus, every part of the Imola is designed for maximum comfort and efficiency from its compact frame geometry. 

This product gives you absolute lightweight performance. Moreover, premium aluminum frames make them reliable and durable with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. With all that, this is the best road bike with fantastic value.

Schwinn Phocus Road Bicycle

Best for Workout: Lightweight with carbon fiber fork


  • 31 lbs
  • Alloy cranks
  • Promax alloy pivot caliper road brakes
  • Shimano Claris 16 speed/ 14 speed

The Schwinn Phocus 1400 road bike is the perfect drop bar road bike that you could use on going out for a ride. But if you want to level up your workouts, consider choosing the Shimano Phocus 1600.

Both the Phocus 1400 and 1600 feature an aluminum frame and carbon fiber front fork. No wonder this is one of the best lightweight bikes that any rider would love to have. 

The Schwinn 1400 has a 14-speed drivetrain, while the Schwinn 1600 has a 16-speed drivetrain. You may choose from these for high-efficiency fitness performance with its drop bar that is great with endurance bike workouts.

Vilano Tuono T20 Aluminum Road Bike

Best Entry-Level: All-weather performance disc brakes


  • 21 speed
  • 25 lbs
  • 700c x 25c tires
  • mechanical disk brakes

The Vilano Tuono T20 is a road bike good for entry-level riding. They are primarily used for biking on the weekends, doing some exercise, or for daily commuting to work.

This is also a lightweight road bike with its 6061 double-butted aluminum frame, which is best if you want some speed. Furthermore, a plus for Vilano Tuono is its all-weather performance disc brakes useful for safe stopping.

Vilano Tuono T20 has its eyelets for fenders that are indeed helpful in not having dirt sprayed all over your bike or up to your face from speed to versatility. It has a water bottle cage mount for longer rides, which is very useful in securing water bottles during the ride.

Vilano Tuono T20 might not be a high-end road bike, but it’s a great choice if you are looking for beginners.

What is a Gravel Bike

Gravel bikes are really known for their versatility due to their ability to straddle from a road bike into a mountain bike. 

The geometry and the riding position are more about being efficient and less about being as aggressive – since riding on a gravel bike focuses more on long-distance comfort and stability.

These bikes are light, fast, and efficient on compact surfaces but still composed and stable enough to tackle moderate off-road terrain.

For most gravel riders, the point is experiencing the outdoors. A gravel bike is more about riding away from all the city chaos and just enjoying the scenery.

What to Look for When Buying a Gravel Bike

With a thousand-dollar budget for buying a gravel bike, indeed, there are some factors that you need to consider before coming up with your final decision on which bike to buy.

Like for instance, what kind of bike do you really need? Can you have a good-performing gravel bike with only a thousand dollars?


The best value and performance for the dollar in gravel bikes is between $2000 to $3000. You get significant upgrades on the wheels and other parts that meaningfully offer better ride quality for this price range. 

But if you are new to biking, it is acceptable to purchase an affordable bike with the needed features of a good-performing gravel bike. A bike that is still versatile, ready to use off roads, may it be muddy terrain, gravel roads and or straight pavements.

An all-in road type bike is really great for commuting or doing an endurance bike exercise. It is for sure worth it for a thousand dollars budget.

With all being said, you might want to consider these few things below. For sure nobody wants to lose their money for making a quick and impulsive decision, first things first! Important things need to be considered first.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes perform brilliantly in all-weather conditions – wet and dry. It also needs less grip strength, which reduces hand fatigue on long rides.

Most gravel bikes have tire widths of 30mm to 40mm, and the standard caliper brake struggles with anything more than 30mm. But some gravel bikes can accommodate 45mm due to the combination of frame design and, of course, disc brakes.

Higher Handlebars

Gravel bikes are usually used for long-distance riding on a gravel surface. 

The rule of thumb is that a gravel bike’s handlebar should be one inch higher than a road bike. Higher handlebars are needed to have a more relaxed posture. This provides more agility and preparedness for the unpredictable loose gravel.

Wider Tires

The best tire for gravel bikes is the wider tires. 

Wider tires have floatation property on loose gravel. They also have more aggressive tread. These properties are helpful on wet, greasy, and loose gravel. 

A gravel bike’s typical tire width is 30 to 40mm. The rule of thumbs is that thinner tires in the 28 to 34 range will give you better rolling on hard, smooth gravel and pavements. 

Frame Material

Lightweight frames are more preferred for gravel bikes since you’re usually carrying more weight in gear.

Carbon fiber is beneficial when choosing a high-end gravel bike. This is due to it being a lighter material with better performance at absorbing vibration than aluminum. 

But the bike industry has also made high quality, durable and comfortable frames from aluminum and steel, both of which are far cheaper. So for riders who wish to not spend a fortune in buying carbon fiber bikes, aluminum and steel also give satisfactory riding performance. 

Road Capable

The wonder of a gravel bike is that it performs really well on pavement and great on gravel.

This allows you to connect trails together. You can ride out miles of gravel, travel on pavement, then head home on another stretch of gravel. You are getting it done in just one bike – the gravel bike. 


If you’re looking for versatility, for instance, in an endurance road bike, around 21 mm to 23 mm is a bit of a sweet spot. Most bikes in this range will accept narrow and 28 mm tires but still work well with fatter gravel tires.

Mounts for Mudguards and Accessories

These are essential for rainy climates, protecting both rider and bike. If you need some smaller frame, make sure it doesn’t skip some of the mounts featured on bigger sizes because there’s less room in the frame.

Most Commonly Asked Questions


There is a wide range of gravel bikes that you could choose from in the market. The items reviewed here are the best five gravel bikes that you could buy for a thousand dollars or less—a reasonable budget for purchasing a new entry-level gravel bike. 

From the five gravel bikes that we have reviewed, we choose the Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum bike. Why? It has a super lightweight carbon fork with an aluminum frame that makes it best for a fast-speed ride. 

All gravel bikes we reviewed can be upgraded to your chosen preferences. Gravel bikes are versatile, especially with their wheels. You could switch to other tire types.

Have a fun ride!

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