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how to make a bike faster

9 Ways to Make Your Bike Faster

Have you ever wondered how a pro rider can get up to 30mph on a descent? How do they disappear into the distance and seem to take shortcuts through the air?

Riding a bike is easy. Riding faster is hard. Getting to the finish line faster is even more challenging. Today’s article provides you with 9 ways to make your bike faster! Whether you’re a weekend warrior, amateur, or pro, we’ll make you ride faster on your bike! 

tubular tires

Lighter Wheels

It’s no secret that lighter wheels are faster than heavier ones. Unfortunately, they come at a cost: lighter wheels are more expensive and fragile.

The basic idea is that lighter wheels speed up faster and roll more on the road. Lighter wheels also tend to be more durable and comfortable than heavier wheels and allow for a smoother ride.

Faster Tires

Good tires can make or break the performance of your bike, so be sure to invest in high-quality ones. Your tires need to be thin to reduce rolling resistance. It also has to be light to improve top speed, but not too thin that it’ll tear easily. The wider your tires are, the better your traction on harsh terrain. It’s a balancing act.

road bike handlebar

Higher Gearing

If you’ve ever tried to race a mountain bike on the road, you know it can be downright painful. If you’re not used to riding at such high cadence, your knees and quadriceps will soon feel as if they’re on fire.

To solve this problem, use drop handlebars with a wider range of gearing. Make sure your saddle is at least two inches above the top tube. This will allow you to pedal at a lower cadence without bending over and hurting your back.

Better Shifting

Shift like a professional

If you’re new to bike shifting, it’s best to practice on the road with low traffic and light winds. The key is to shift before your speed changes too much. Otherwise, you risk getting out of sync with your gear ratio.

Shift into an easier gear

Shifting into an easier gear when going downhill will give you more control over your speed. It could also prevent unwanted wheel skids if any sand or debris is on the road surface ahead of you.

Shift into more complex gears when going uphill

This will help increase your power output while still allowing for a slower pace. Also, it’ll keep everything running without letting friction build up between metal parts! 

Always check the cables are tight before riding away. Not checking in on them could cause them to slip, leading to wear-out or damage due to overstretching. This problem could result in lost tension across their length. Plus, these may cause slippage during operation, leading to misalignment issues.”

bike brake

New Brakes

You’re ready to ride, but are your brakes? Find out why reliable brakes can make all the difference on your bicycle.

Reliable brakes are an essential part of any bicycle, especially if you plan on going fast. Whether you’re riding on or off-road, you need to be able to use your brakes safely. There are so many choices for your bike to make it even better. 

All bikes have two types of brakes:

1. Disc brakes-which clamp onto rotors attached to the wheel hub

2. Rim brakes (also called “caliper” or “V-brake”), which clamp onto each side of the rim.

Discs are generally more powerful, but they can also be harder to maintain. You need special tools to adjust discs —and it’s hard enough keeping up with oil changes!


The importance of aerodynamics cannot be understated. It is essential in determining speed on flat terrain and is a factor that should be considered when designing bikes. It means putting the rider’s body into an optimal aerodynamic position on the bike. This often requires the rider to tilt forward while remaining comfortably relaxed.

Wearing clothing that reduces drag is also essential. It has been shown that even on a flat road, you can save up to 5% of your energy if you have an aerodynamic bike and clothing. That’s a considerable amount!

Lose Weight

The first step in making your bike faster is losing weight. This may seem counterintuitive at first. They say the heavier you are, the more power it takes to move you forward on your bike. But when it comes to bikes, this isn’t entirely true.

Efficiency in cycling is determined by an athlete’s power output to their energy input. Increase efficiency by reducing energy input while increasing power output. You can do this by losing weight. Losing weight will decrease the drag. You can also ride a lighter bike with less rolling resistance in its wheels and tires.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight:

  • Cut down on processed foods and fast food. These are full of sugars and fats, making them nutritionally void but easy to eat in large quantities. They’ll raise your blood sugar levels quickly. This rise in blood sugar could cause an insulin spike when it’s time for them to come down again. It can also lead to fatigue and weight gain during long rides.
  • Eat fewer carbs than usual before exercise sessions; eat lots afterward! Carbs provide energy during exercise without causing insulin spikes, unlike fats and protein. So eating them before getting on the road means having more energy throughout most of your ride. But don’t be too obsessed with this strategy. Too many carbohydrates can also cause fatigue after long periods of exertion. Have at least one serving of protein within 30 minutes after an intense ride.

Get More Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is paramount to riding faster. Sleeping allows our body to recover from the previous day’s efforts. It repairs itself and prepares for another day of riding.

We need to sleep at least 8 hours per night, so our body can repair itself efficiently. Aim for this amount of sleep to improve your health and well-being.

how fast can you go on a bike


Riding your bike is the best way to become a faster cyclist, and doing it is the best way to stay fast. If you’re already a pro, keep doing what you’re doing.

If not, then start riding more often. Ride at least once a week — or even better, twice or three times — and make sure that each ride is at least an hour long.

Pay attention to how your body feels during these rides. Notice how much better it feels after each one compared with before. Keep this up for a few months and see where it gets you.


The good news: you don’t need to buy a superfast bike to go fast. You can make your bike faster with a few simple upgrades. It will cost $100 less than the price of one month of gym membership in most states.

If you already have a fast bike, that’s the case, then congratulations! You’ve already made one of the right decisions. Now it’s time to make more decisions that are as good. But this time, they’re about upgrading your ride rather than buying it brand new.

I’m sure you will be riding a high-speed bike next week if you do these 9 ways to make your bike faster. Good luck! Don’t forget to tell us if you feel any more improvement after reading this here.

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